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Thai Foon Menus

At Thai Foon we prepare authentic Thai food, bold and imaginative, carefully combining subtle beauty, flavour and texture. And for those with a taste for heat, fearsome chillies.

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$2 per person surcharge applies on public holidays.

Thai Food

The Thai food fine tradition of using fresh ingredients, vibrant flavour and careful presentation, is captured in our Thai Food Menu at Thai Foon.

Good Thai food is a matter of balance, the combination of sweet, sour, salty and hot tastes that gives Thai food its vibrance. The flavours of Thai food are not subtle, but are blended in graceful dishes where no taste overpowers.

Authentic ingredients; The freshest of local produce and choice seafood and meats sourced from the markets daily; and the skill of our experienced Thai chefs, combine to deliver a memorable Thai Food experience at Thai Foon.

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